Christian Siewok

Full Stack Senior Architect & Developer @3ap, Switzerland
Christian Spiewok is a Full Stack Senior Architect and Developer in a young company called 3AP AG, that was founded in Zurich 4 years ago. He has extensive knowledge of Java Enterprise and Frontend technologies as well as Mobile Development and Software Engineering, which he acquired over the last 30 years while working for both large & small companies and clients worldwide. He also teaches Mobile Development in Zurich. Christian and his 2 teams in Zurich and Belgrade are passionate about innovative software development, agile methodology, and fast business value delivery.<

TOPIC: Take control! Architecting good custom form controls in Angular
Modularity is a good thing. It goes hand-in-hand with readability, testability, reusability, scaleability and reliability and a lot more non functional requirements. With custom form components, the concept of modularity can be brought to angular forms. This session covers how to architect them, which code belongs into the control (and which not) and you’ll learn some of the best practices in developing custom controls to make them fully working with your form.