Oliver Kosta Živić

Data Engineer / Data Scientist @ Deploy, Serbia

Python/PostgreSQL BigData developer with multiple years of experience in the domain of Artificial Intelligence, real time analytics over big data sets, relational and non-relational systems for data processing and storage, as well as modern BigData technologies and frameworks (Hadoop, Kafka, Hive, Presto, Tensorflow). Huge fan of music, table football (foosball), pool & snooker and beer enthusiast.

The talk will cover the following topics, short demonstrations of code and a Q&A session

  • Introduction to BlockChain and Ethereum
  • Diversity of Ethereum networks and which one to choose
  • Private Networks
  • Smart Contracts – an abstraction
  • Solidity, a new programming language for SmartContract implementation
  • Transactions on Ethereum
  • Interaction and integration with other programming languages and traditional systems