Karl Johnson

Managing Director @EXLRT, USA
Karl is a digital executive and consultant with 17 years of consulting and leadership experience, and holds a Global Executive MBA from IE Business School. He also maintains deep technical skills and has spent over 10 years building and running large agile software design and development product teams. Karl has worked for multiple prominent management consulting firms as well as digital boutiques. His previous employers include Booz Allen, Microsoft, Cynergy (KPMG Digital) and Accenture’s Avanade.

TOPIC: Consulting to Multi-National Companies as a Developer
Opis: Writing code for a client is never as straightforward as doing it for your own company or product. But developing software for a large multi-national client company is even harder as it requires developers to act more like consultants, as well as deal with cultural differences, corporate politics, expectation management, and so many other aspects that have nothing to do with code. Karl, a former developer and long-time consultant to multi-nationals, shows how to transition from a developer to a technology consultant that can keep global clients happy.