Marija Milčić

Programmer @ Saga
Marija Milcic was born in Pozarevac on the April 7th, 1993. In 2017, she completed her academic and master studies at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences, Information Systems and technologies Department. First, she started working in Saga in 2016 as practitioner and then she got hired. She is now programmer in the software division. The main project she is working on is Portal for the Central Registry of Compulsory Social Insurance. She is primarily working in java technologies: Spring, Hibernate, Adf…

TOPIC: Automatic software testing using Spring technology
The main focus of this lecture is automated testing and importance of automated testing in business application development. In this presentation we will show how Sprint, as one of the most popular frameworks in world of Java, enables development of test cases and their maintance in simple way.