Stevan Cvetković

Senior Devops Engineer @Endava, Serbia
Stevan spent 5 years establishing DevOps principles at one of the widely recognized telecommunication companies, all in order to incorporate them into daily workflow of thousands of their engineers. In the last two years, he is creating enterprise Continuous-Deployment-as-a-Service solution for one of the world’s largest software companies, using Jenkins, Groovy and containers, as well as serverless computing. Besides that, Stevan is very much focused on bringing speed and efficiency to development teams by automating their workflow and providing guidance required to develop in a fast pace with highest quality in mind.

TOPIC: Containers orchestration with Docker and Kubernetes
What would you think if I tell you that your new developer that just joined the team can setup his development environment, with no help, and be productive in as little as 30 minutes? Or, what about deploying your application to Dev/Test/Production servers fast and simple with a click of a button? With Docker containers, this is completely possible! Join us to learn how to get the most out of Docker and how to make use of containers to boost your team’s efficiency and focus on what truly matters – your customers’ satisfaction! We will also be talking about using Docker containers in production by covering basics of Kubernetes, the most popular orchestrator on the market today. With Kubernetes, you can build highly-available, auto-scalable and auto-healing computing clusters to reliably serve your containerized applications to the world – pretty much the same way companies like Google do it for more than a decade!