Božidar Zečević

Software Engineer @Symphony
Bozidar is a software engineer with more than 6 years of experience in software development with ReactJS, NodeJS and PHP as his areas of expertise. He grew up and finished his education in Nis, but decided to make a brave move and relocate to Belgrade in his pursuit for more challenging environment. His inspiring career path started from non-software areas such as telecommunications and energetics and lead him to become a team lead on one cutting-edge project in Silicon Valley.

TOPIC: Cutting edge technologies around the corner
Boza and Nikola will guide you into the world of Silicon Valley startups. You will have a chance to hear how it looks like to be a part of teams who shape the future. Get a closer look in the projects such as Motiv ring – the future of wearables, or in ODG – glasses used by NASA astronauts. The gap between Silicon Valley and us is getting smaller and smaller and you could become part of it sooner than you could imagine.