Asim Hussain

Head of Developer Advocacy for EMEA @Microsoft, UK

Asim is a developer, trainer, author and speaker with over 17 years experience working for organizations such as the European Space Agency, Google and now Microsoft, where he is a Senior Cloud Developer Advocate. He wrote his first program in 1988, his first website in 1996, earned a 1st Class Degree in Computer Science in 2000 and now he is a Cloud Developer Advocate for Microsoft, and his job is to get developers excited about writing JavaScript applications on Azure, Microsofts cloud platform.

TOPIC: The Future of Machine Learning & JavaScript

There are many exciting things happening with AI, from which, until recently, JavaScript developers were largely shut out.
But things are changing, if you can do `npm install @tensorflow/tfjs` or make an API call, you can now do AI.
In this fast-paced talk, I’ll open your mind to what’s possible by demoing several AI-powered JavaScript apps and show you how they were built using either TensorFlow.js or easy to use AI powered APIs.
You don’t need a PhD in Maths, you don’t need years of experience, you just need imagination and the willingness to try.