Vsevolod Brekelov

Senior Java Developer @Grid Dynamics
Vsevolod has more than 7 years in IT industry. He has experience in building test automation from scratch in mobile, desktop, web projects (especially for financial companies). He worked as a full-stack developer at Google. Right now he’s living in St. Petersburg and working as a senior developer at Grid Dynamics.

TOPIC: Migrating to Reactive with Spring Reactor

Abstract: Are you still confused by what the reactive way of writing your microservices? This topic will be useful for those who haven't started using such approach especially if you're on AWS infrastructure.

I will tell the story of how we transited our code base from using an old approach with the asynchronous approach with queues at AWS to the reactive way with Spring Reactor. All the benefits and issues will be described for sure.

Technologies used: Java, AWS, Spring.