About Us

TradeCore is a leading B2B FinTech technology and service provider based in London and Belgrade. Established in 2013, TradeCore operates across FinTech, RegTech, payments, and crypto verticals.

Our passion is delivering simple and cutting-edge solutions for financial services businesses. By combining deep industry knowledge and technical resources, we create smart and efficient products that help our clients’ succeed.

Our mission is to be the AWS of fintech, by allowing financial services companies to focus on growing their businesses rather than committing time and resources in building tech. TradeCore has turned existing, complex technologies, into simple and engaging platforms. By creating these advanced products and services we make it easy for businesses to actively participate in the world of finance.

Our fully integrated financial tools allow our clients to set up their businesses in as quickly as one week. TradeCore instantly adds value to businesses by reducing costs, optimising workflow, and helping build on strategic plans.

TradeCore’s innovation driven approach has delivered several successful platform solutions:

– BrokerIQ – an innovative, cloud-based solution for startup and existing brokers that helps them to operate and grow successfully. Designed as a cutting-edge, continuously advancing core product in the field of middle-office and CRM, Broker IQ gives our clients custom-crafted features to grow network, enhance workflow, monetise their customers and nurture their business simply and effectively.

– BrokerCloud – unique platform-as-a-service for FinTech companies that makes building a transactional trading product or service easier than ever.


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