About Us

United Cloud is the leading innovation center in the region.

We are a young, ambitious, and fast-growing team of extraordinary IT specialists. Our entire team counts more than 180 devoted professionals in 4 centers: Belgrade, Kragujevac and Nis in Serbia and Ljubljana in Slovenia. Driven by innovation and inspired by complex challenges, we insist on using the latest frameworks and cutting-edge technology that enable us to continuously grow while previewing and exploring the future.

UC team never fails to employ any opportunity to design and create our own end-to-end product based on our team’s ideas.

Ever since October 2016, our teams are constantly exploring and working on brand-new technologies in order to inspire people and shape the future. Our first product EON, a video streaming platform completely developed in house, is used in over a million households. Currently, we are working on more than 10 product lines amongs which is VIDA, an addressable advertising platform for IP video content, which leverages the scale and quality of linear TV and it combines it with the targeting and measurement of digital.

All our innovative solutions are firmly based on 4 pillars:

  • UX/UI Design
  • Software Development
  • Product Management
  • And last but not the least – Agile

By making the innovation a part of our very core, we provide a bigger picture for our employees and clients, with different points of view and innovative solutions for any given challenge. And that is exactly why we are able to continuously grow and work on new features, integration, and delivery.

Work atmosphere