Miljenko Rebernišak

Software Development Manager @Godaddy
Miljenko Rebernišak is a senior software engineer and a software development manager at GoDaddy. He started his technology journey at the age of 13 by creating his first website. Over the years he has worked on various projects and gained lots of experience in desktop, mobile and web development. He is passionate about DevOps and cloud, which fuels his desire to be a regular speaker or attendant on relevant meet-ups. He enjoys creating software that is used by thousands of people every day. In his free time, Miljenko loves traveling, drinking coffee, reading and playing with hardware.

TOPIC: How we've scaled over the years

This is a story about technological issues and actions that had to be taken in order to create ManageWP, scale and improve it continuously. ManageWP started out on two servers and was written as a WordPress plugin, while today it is a multi-tier application written in various languages/frameworks powered by auto-scaling infrastructure on AWS cloud. It’s used by thousands of customers to manage over a million sites. You will learn what issues the team faced and solved when transferring a legacy application to the cloud; what architecture decisions were made in order to scale and then move the code to micro-services; how the team integrated different languages into one application; how a wrong database schema early on can lead to bad performance and how hard it is to refactor it later on, etc.