Ivan Jovanović

Founder and Principal Consultant @IJ Consulting
Ivan is the senior software engineer, team lead, speaker, and mentor. His focus is on building scalable JavaScript applications and experimenting with new languages and frameworks. He is into functional and reactive programming. Leading teams and mentoring developers is his everyday duty. He loves to share knowledge on his tech blog and he’s a regular speaker on many international conferences.

TOPIC: You don't know Promises

As you know, JavaScript has a single-threaded, event-loop based concurrency model. It is processing events using asynchronous non-blocking I/O model. Working with asynchronous code can be hard and that's why we developed mechanisms to help us. We got Promises! Everyone is using them but do we really know how they work? What really happens when we call "new Promise()". In this talk, we're going to dive deeper and understand how secret mechanisms of JavaScript async model work and how to make the best of it. We'll see some bad practices, how to avoid them and how to debug them in case we get in the bigger problem. What will happen if you don't handle errors properly, or you put sync code in the Promise? Let's find out!