Vlad Mihalcea

Java Champion
Vlad Mihalcea (@vlad_mihalcea) is Java Champion and CEO of Hypersistence. He is a well-known speaker and trainer at international conferences. He is an author of the High-Performance Java Persistence book which became one of the best-selling Java books on Amazon. He is currently developing the amazing Hypersistence Optimizer, and in his free time, he develops various open-source projects (e.g. Hibernate-Types and FlexyPool). He has a gold badge for the Hibernate, Java, and JPA tags on StackOverflow.

Lecture: The Best Way to Fetch Data with Java Persistence and Hibernate
With this lecture, Java developers will get to know more about RDBMS so that they can design their application data access layer accordingly. After this lecture, you'll know all sorts of tips that you can readily apply to your current enterprise project.

Time & Date:
November 6th
10am-12pm CET

* If you're interested in this program, please contact us at info@itkonekt.com to find out more about availability and prices.