Nir Kaufman

Frontend Tech Lead @Next Insurance
Nir Kaufman (@nirkaufman) is Google Developer Expert in web technologies with over 12 years of experience with client-side web development, public speaker, book author, trainer, and consultant.

He is currently Front-end Tech Lead at Next Insurance, and ex Principal Frontend Developer @500Tech. In his spare time, he makes music and vegan food 🙂

Workshop topic:
Advanced TypeScript Workshop

Time & Date:
May 16th | 10am-5pm CEST


  • Module I: Functions, Generics & Special Types
      » Functions and overload
      » Classes and modifiers
      » Any, unknown, and never Types
      » Generics
      » TypeGurdes
      » Hands-on practice
  • Module II: Conditional Types
      » Conditional Types - overview
      » Interfacing with conditional Types
      » Utilities: Extract and Include
      » Type Queries
      » Hands-on practice
  • Module III: Mapped Types
      » Working with mapped types in TypeScript
      » Index Access Types
      » Working with Pick utility
      » Template Literals and filtering
      » Practical hands-on: Typed data layer

You can download the full program for this workshop at the following LINK.

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