Dylan Beattie

Consultant, Software Developer and Microsoft MVP
Dylan Beattie (@dylanbeattie)  is a consultant, software developer and international keynote speaker. He’s been building web applications since the 1990s, and works primarily on Microsoft .NET, HTTP APIs, UX design, and distributed systems. Dylan is a Microsoft MVP for Developer Technologies, and the creator of the Rockstar programming language. Dylan lives and works in London and when he’s not writing code he plays guitar and writes songs.

Workshop topic:
Introduction to Distributed Systems with C# and .NET

Time & Date:
November 21st & 22nd | 10am-5pm CET

About workshop

If you’re just starting out with distributed systems design, the possibilities can be overwhelming. APIs, message queueing, REST, GraphQL, gRPC… what should you choose, how does it work, how do you get started?

This workshop gives you a hands-on introduction to the most important messaging patterns used in modern application development. Using C# and .NET, we’ll build a series of small example apps and services, wire them together using these patterns, and discuss how – and when – you’d apply the same patterns in your own applications.


  • Introduction
      » What are “distributed systems”?
      » Monoliths and microservices
      » Common integration patterns
      »Principles of distributed architecture
  • Connecting Components using HTTP
      » HTTP architectural patterns – XMLRPC, REST, GraphQL
      » Designing HTTP APIs
      » HTTP frameworks: WebAPI, NancyFX, ServiceStack
      » Working with HTTP APIs: testing and tooling
      » Scaling HTTP APIs: caching strategies
      » Exercise: building an HTTP API client and server
  • Message queues and pub/sub
      » Principles of message queues
      » Message queueing in .NET – Redis, MSMQ, EasyNetQ
      » Queueing strategies and error handling
      » Advanced architectural patterns: CQRS, event sourcing
      » Exercise: building a pub/sub system using .NET
  • Protocol Buffers and gRPC
      » History of RPC on .NET – SOAP, DISCO, WSDL, WCF
      » Introduction to Protocol Buffers
      » Contract-first development
      » Advantages of gRPC
      » Exercise: high-performance architecture using gRPC
  • Connecting to the Web
      » Integrating browsers with distributed systems
      » The “Backends for Frontends” pattern
      » Working with SignalR
      » Exercise: real-time browser notifications using SignalR

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