Rainer Hahnekamp

Trainer and Consultant @AngularArchitects.io
Rainer Hahnekamp (@rainerhahnekamp) is an experienced developer and software architect for long-lasting applications based on web technologies in the business and industrial sector. In the last years he has planned and implemented production-critical applications as lead developer with Angular at the well-known US-American food company MARS together with his team. In the backend, .NET and Java/Spring were used.

The graduate in business informatics regularly shares his knowledge at meetups and conferences, such as enterJS in Darmstadt. He is interested in creating sustainable frontend architectures and the associated quality assurance measures.

Workshop topic:
Advanced TypeScript Workshop

Time & Date:
October 13th | 10am-5pm CEST


  • Module I: Functions, Generics & Special Types
      » Functions and overload
      » Classes and modifiers
      » Any, unknown, and never Types
      » Generics
      » TypeGurdes
      » Hands-on practice
  • Module II: Conditional Types
      » Conditional Types - overview
      » Interfacing with conditional Types
      » Utilities: Extract and Include
      » Type Queries
      » Hands-on practice
  • Module III: Mapped Types
      » Working with mapped types in TypeScript
      » Index Access Types
      » Working with Pick utility
      » Template Literals and filtering
      » Practical hands-on: Typed data layer

You can download the full program for this workshop at the following LINK.

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