Rainer Hahnekamp

Trainer and Consultant @AngularArchitects.io
Rainer Hahnekamp (@rainerhahnekamp) is an experienced developer and software architect for long-lasting applications based on web technologies in the business and industrial sector. In the last years he has planned and implemented production-critical applications as lead developer with Angular at the well-known US-American food company MARS together with his team. In the backend, .NET and Java/Spring were used.

The graduate in business informatics regularly shares his knowledge at meetups and conferences, such as enterJS in Darmstadt. He is interested in creating sustainable frontend architectures and the associated quality assurance measures.

Workshop topic:
Angular Workshop

Time & Date:
December 6th & 7th | 10am-5pm CET

About workshop

Agenda would consist of two main parts. The first day would be about architecture where we end with micro-frontends. The second day would be about reactivity which would be RxJs and NgRx.


  • Structure for large applications: Monorepos, Nx and Strategic Design
      » Structure for large applications: Monorepos, Nx and Strategic Design
      » Plan architectures with Domain Driven Design (DDD)
      » CLI workspaces and monorepos with Nx (Nrwl Extensions)
      » Develop and distribute reusable npm packages
      » Categorize for libraries, modules and components
      » Enforce architecture specifications with access restrictions
      » Build performance: Incremental builds and tests and caching
      » The open / closed principle in Angular
  • Micro Frontends
      » From strategic design to micro frontends
      » Advantages and disadvantages of Micro Frontends
      » Mono Repos vs. multiple repos
      » Use Webpack Module Federation to load separately compiled and provided micro frontends
      » Dynamic Module Federation
      » Sharing dependencies
  • Reactive Architectures with RxJS
      » Reactive thinking and reactive design
      » Chaining / piping of operators
      » Combination operators
      » Higher-order observables
      » Implicitly and explicitly closing Observables
      » Cold and hot observables (multicasting)
      » Using subjects
      » Error handling
      » Debugging
  • State Management Patterns with NGRX and Redux
      » The state layer and your Strategic Design (DDD)
      » NGRX: When, When Not and Alternatives?
      » Use the Redux approach with NGRX
      » Types of states
      » Building Blocks: Actions, Reducers
      » Selectors and view models
      » Effects and side effects
      » Generate building blocks with Schematics
      » Manage entities with @ ngrx / entities
      » Practical handling of Immutables
      » Facades as the linchpin
      » Introduce NGRX gradually
      » NGRX and lazy loading of modules
      » Local states with the brand new NGRX / Component store

    *Bonus: Migrating to Standalone Components

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