Offices: Palm Beach Gardens, London, Noordwijk, Skopje, Belgrade 

About Us

Founded in 2005 in Los Angeles, IT Labs is a company that produces high-performing, purpose-driven software development teams. Our goal? To enable our clients to compete through tech, while providing a platform for bright heads to grow and develop into top-notch professionals.

Everything we do at IT Labs is based on our core values: People, Integrity, Excellence, Proactivity, and Innovation. Thanks to these, we now have more than 150 team members around the world, and we have a presence in the US, the UK, the Netherlands, Brazil, Ukraine, Belarus, Serbia, and North Macedonia.

We offer complete life-cycle software development, covering the following techs: C# (.NET), Java, JavaScript (Angular, React, nodeJS), Python, PHP, Vue.js, AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Ruby, and others!


Tools and technologies


.Net /C#




Cloud-managed RDBMS (AWS RDS, Azure SQL)


Microsoft Azure
Google Cloud

DevOps pipelines:

Azure Pipelines
GitHub Actions
GitLab Pipelines
Octopus Deploy

DevOps Infrastructure-as-Code:

Azure ARM templates


Kubernetes (Cloud-managed - EKS/AKS/GKE)

Benefits for colleagues
  • Growth
    • Certifications
      Growth is a significant part of the way we work - learning is in our DNA. It’s ingrained in our company culture. And we encourage knowledge sharing and the expansion of collective learning. The certifications we engage in are proof of this.
    • Soft skills training program
      Want to learn how to be better in negotiations, communications, time or change management, expand your soft skills or just polish up your English? We have you covered with free lessons that will help you to take your communication and interaction with others to the next level.
    • Leadership training
      Leaders are made, not born. Regular learning sessions and the practice of leading by example help us create and shape the kind of leaders that make an impact not just at work - but also outside of it.
    • Knowledge sessions
      Masters of a craft become just that by sharing what they know. Our knowledge-sharing sessions are just that – bi-weekly workshops aimed at presenting mastery in our fields. Anyone can participate in the discussions, presentations, or hands-on labs.
    • Mentorship
      Talent and skill need to be nurtured with the first step taken. Our mentorship program helps new talent come of age and grow.
    • Coaching sessions
      Everyone at IT Labs is supported by tailored coaching sessions, helping them become the best versions of themselves through growth in their self-leadership and self-management skills.
    • Upskill program: carefully planned 6 months program for boosting the soft and technical skills of our employees.
  • Well-being
    • Mindfulness sessions
      Exhale.. Well-being and mental health matter! That's why we provide regular sessions with certified professional coaches.
    • Flexible working hours
      Tailor your day the way it fits you. Our flexible working hours policy lets you organize your own time.
    • Fully remote
      Millions of people around the world have made their homes into offices. If this fits the way you feel more productive – the option is on the table. You have the freedom to pick the place where you feel most comfortable, and where you can work, create, and develop as a pro.
    • Life event bonuses
      Take the time to celebrate what matters most. We love working, but when you're one of us we're never oblivious to important moments.
    • Private health insurance - a viable option, as we’re looking for you to get the best medical care
    • Family
      We care about your family as much as we care about you. All about your kids: Bring your child at work day, celebrate Halloween, Easter, NY, and other events are all part of working at IT Labs. Allowing you some time off to be with your family (half a day for first day of school, day off for COVID-sick family member);
    • Fitpass application – as our team member, we also care about you staying healthy, and you’ll have the chance to work out in a variety of establishments through Fitpass!
  • Work & Play
    • Team buildings
      IT Labs has the best people. We’re not bragging, just stating the facts. And we love to spend every opportunity to hang out, stay fit, or just have some good old-fashioned fun (and a few beers). Trust us – you’ll love it. We create team comradery through activities and championing team spirit. And, yes – of course we have a gaming room.
    • Socialy responsible activities
      We understand our part in our larger community. Giving back to that community is more than an obligation – it's a privilege. We care about the environment, the impoverished, and those in need. We love animals and care for their rights. We’re open-minded to new ways of doing more.
    • Re:Imagine Sessions
      Expand your knowledge in cool, new fields with our monthly webinar, hosted by diverse guest experts sharing their know-how and insights.
    • Referral bonuses

Each IT Labs employee can refer a candidate for any and all permanent positions, If the referred candidate ends up hired, the referrer is entitled to a Referral Bonus reward.

  • Game Room Arena

The employees that are working from the office have the opportunity to have some fun in the game room at any time of the day, playing PlayStation4 + VR, ping pong, darts, foosball, etc. Additionally, the IT Labs Arena has an amphitheater that each employee can use for organizing and/or participating in knowledge-sharing sessions, company events, team-building workshops, etc.

  • Innovation
    • Idea Nest
      IT Labs is a place that thrives on ideas. All ideas should be given a chance to become novel innovation. Our Idea Nest project focuses on hearing, understanding, and making those ideas work.
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