Rainer Hahnekamp

Software Architect, Trainer and Consultant
Rainer Hahnekamp (@rainerhahnekamp) is an experienced developer and software architect for long-lasting applications based on web technologies in the business and industrial sector. In the last years he has planned and implemented production-critical applications as lead developer with Angular at the well-known US-American food company MARS together with his team. In the backend, .NET and Java/Spring were used.

The graduate in business informatics regularly shares his knowledge at meetups and conferences, such as enterJS in Darmstadt. He is interested in creating sustainable frontend architectures and the associated quality assurance measures.

GraalVM: The next generation of Java applications

Time & Date:
May 21st | TBD


We know that Java applications tend to be massive in size. We know that we have to install a JVM in order to run them. We know that especially Spring takes some time to start.

Well, nothing of that is true anymore. Welcome to the new world of GraalVM!

In this talk, I will explain the origins of GraalVM and how it fits into Java's ecosystem. Then, we see how Graal turns a Java application into a native executable. It runs without the JVM and is very small compared to its jar counterpart.

After that, we'll move on to Spring and see how Spring AOT integrates GraalVM and how it makes a Spring application boot up within milliseconds.

Fast startup and low memory consumption are key for modern cloud-based solutions. GraalVM is the solution.

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