Kent Beck 

Chief Scientist @Mechanical Orchard
Kent Beck (@KentBeck) became a legend in the IT industry due to his achievements during a twenty five years long career. He is alphabetically the first signatory of the Agile Manifesto. Kent Beck is a programmer, creator of Extreme Programming, pioneer of software patterns, JUnit, rediscoverer of Test-Driven Development, author of 3X: Explore/Expand/Extract, & the Tidy First? series of books on software design. He lives and works in San Francisco, California. His mission is helping geeks feel safe in the world.


Time & Date:
May 20th | TBD


The classic "iron triangle" of project management is Better/Cheaper/Sooner, your choice of any two. In software, we are in the unique & enviable position of aiming at a moving target. Because our opinion of what we should build will change so much as we go, we can turn scope into a powerful lever for influencing projects. In addition, *increasing* quality ("Better") reduces cost & time. B/C/S/M provides project funders, sponsors, & users concrete ways to add value to a project without the unpredictable effects of reducing time or budget.

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