OiP Robotics
Offices: Belgrade

About Us

We are OIP Robotics. We’re artists, scientists, parents, trail runners, chefs, dancers, gamers, chess players, writers, big thinkers, storytellers, dog lovers, bikers, singers, and everything in between. But above all, we’re advocates for technology. We’re a bunch of tech geeks who strive to transform insurance businesses by creating tools that are smart and convenient. You will find us at the intersection between software engineering, automation and customer satisfaction. Crafting the insurance-native tech, that addresses real problems and gets the job done.

OIPR, a subsidiary of Outsource Insurance Professionals, plays in the InsurTech market and serves clients in the US, UK and Canada. The company employs more than 100 IT professionals specially trained in insurance. We deliver a suite of services around insurance process automation, software development, staff augmentation, Big Data & ML, and IT support services.

Tools and technologies


  • .Net
  • PHP
  • AI


  • Vue.js
  • SQL
  • BI (Power BI, Tableau)
Ongoing projects

NT Extractor – NT Extractor is a data extraction machine learning solution for submissions. It is a fully automated data extraction solution that the OIP Robotics team specifically designed to extract the data from insurance documents with the highest level of accuracy.