Offices: Belgrade, Novi Sad, Niš

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Avisto Eastern Europe is a world-class service company highly specialized in software engineering – and it’s made from people just like you! We recruit the region’s top talent, but we know excellence comes from passion for engineering and can be found in everyday normal people.

Get to know us through our website and you’ll find out that it’s possible to be excellent and normal at the same time. While you’re there, check out our case studies – just a fragment of publicly available success stories. https://avisto-eastern.com/case-studies/

Avisto Eastern Europe is operating in next areas of work, below is a brief overview:

  • Application Softwarespecialized in Business Intelligence, Data Warehouse, Application Software Development and Web.
  • Embedded Softwarecomprise usage of BSP, Linux, RTOS and SNMP among other tools.
  • DevOpsdepartment’s approach is based on agile methods which covers technical, functional and applicative development, monitoring and maintenance of our clients’ system.
  • Quality Assurancewith the focus on delivering QA & Automation services and developing our expertise in Computer Vision and Virtual Reality.

We are always open for meeting new engineers. It’s that simple. We might be nerdy but we don’t lack communication skills. So give us a call! Or Simply visit our website www.avisto-eastern.com

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