Vivify Ideas provides software development services for both domestic and foreign clients. Founded in Novi Sad in 2013, over the last five years, the company has worked on projects in industries as varied as healthcare, real estate, marketing and logistics. The projects involved use of different technologies; development of front-end and back-end solutions, complete web applications, and extensions for existing software; as well as the development of our own in-house project management tool – VivifyScrum.

From its earliest days, Vivify Ideas was envisioned as a company where employees are not forever stuck in their starting jobs, but as a place where they can improve their skills and take on more demanding and responsible jobs.

In order to make this possible, Vivify Ideas is based on autonomous teams where members can speak up freely and take responsibility for the way in which certain aspects of the company are handled. In addition to this, the company directly invests its resources in new technologies and tools, literature and professional education of its employees through financing participation in domestic and foreign conferences, as well as professional courses tailored to its employees’ needs.

Vivify Ideas also practices full transparency when its finances are in question, providing its employees with insight into how company resources are utilized. A portion of company profits is added as a bonus to regular salary and another portion is set aside for making the company the best possible place to work.