WEBCentric is a software company that cultivates the tradition of success since 2005. We started in 2005 as a small company with only one client. Today, we have our own software – Price2Spy – which is used by over 500 clients from all over the world. This powerful tool helps the internet merchants to track whether their prices are too low or too high than their competitors’ prices, analyze the results and optimize their own pricing strategy, creating an increase in profit or sales (depending on the market strategy).

WEBCentric has 45 employees and a network of external associates, which work together on the development of Price2Spy. There are several reasons that differentiate us from many other IT companies that Serbian market has to offer:

  • We develop our own software
  • We deliberate the ideas for implementation on our own.
  • Since we are not working for somebody else, but develop our own product, the quality is more important then deadlines.