Intens has one founding goal, to make a home for talented programmers where they can create incredible solutions. Only a great team can achieve this goal and such a team can only be maintained and grown if more then just attractive projects and cutting edge technology are offered. Such a team needs great atmosphere, flexible working conditions, continuous skill development as well as a great social community for our work force. It is an exciting challenge to bring together people of different experience, character and outlook. We are aware that such great goals need great effort and greater advancement and as company management we have a two way communication with all our employees, working with them on improving work conditions as well as respecting their free time, and always listening to their suggestions.

At this moment Intens has around 60 information technology engineers who specialize in leading technologies: Java open source, Microsoft .Net, mobile (Android, iOS) and PHP. Intens clients are mainly software companies located in USA, Canada and Europe whose core products are complex information systems. Intens teams often work closely with clients’ development departments, normally as part of a big international project team. Code developed in Intens is now being used worldwide on servers of globally recognised corporations like Dell Computers, Ford, Motorola etc.

Besides providing services to our clients, Intens also has teams for development of its own original products. In addition, Intens has expanded to include services that are not strictly related to programming – system administration services as well as providing technical support to our clients (second level support). By doing this we have opened our doors to specializations that don’t exclusively require programming skills.

Doors of Intens are always wide open to talented graduates. Intens recognises and values new knowledge, ideas and energy that junior colleagues bring. With support from experienced colleagues and working as part of a team our new colleagues have a practical and methodical way to gain new knowledge and experience.