Namics – A Merkle Company is one of the leading providers of e-business and digital brand communication services in the German-speaking region. With deep expertise in strategic consulting, innovative concepts, creative work, and technological implementation, Namics creates winners in digital change. Company’s portfolio consists of content management systems, e-commerce solutions, digital communication and development of mobile business solutions.

At its locations in St. Gallen, Zurich, Frankfurt, Munich, Hamburg and Belgrade Namics support clients from a wide variety of industries including: Victorinox, Sika, Zurich Airport, Daimler, Medela, UBS, Migros, BASF, DriveNow and Boehringer Ingelheim.

In Belgrade, Namics has teams for Java, .NET, PHP and Frontend technologies, Salesforce teams, as well as teams of designers (UI/ UX) and QA branch. From 2014, Serbian software engineers have been working on award-winning projects such as Victorinox and Siemens.

In December 2018, Namics merged with Merkle, world’s leader in data-driven digital solutions, enabling employees to access the latest platforms, technologies and various spheres of the digital market.