eFront is the leader in the field of solutions for the financial industry in the areas of alternative investments and risk management. With around 800 clients on all continents, eFront products set industry standards.

The solutions that our company develops are mostly focused on private equity investment funds, real estate investments, banks and insurance companies. And the fact that supports that statement can be shown by having more than 400 employees working on the same goal in the Belgrade office, and in 2019 this number will increase even more.

In our global R&D sector, we have more than 120 developers (main focus is on C #, Java and JavaScript) that with our agile approach make sure our software’sare the most innovative on the market.

We consider our great advantage that we are able to provide young people with experience when it comes to functioning within a serious, organizational system where we work hard to preserve companies culture, good energy, team atmosphere and secure, stable work.