enjoy.ing is a Swiss company that employs over 250 software engineers on three locations in Serbia – Belgrade, Niš and Kragujevac.

Our colleagues have a constant opportunity to improve professionally. No matter if it’s Frontend or Backend, Database or any other solution, we always try to provide the best at a given time. We follow the latest trends in over 200 technologies, such as Java, .NET, ColdFusion, PHP, web in general, Mobile and DBA. We use Agile Development (SCRUM), but Waterfall methodologies as well.

We develop complex software solutions for renowned clients from Western Europe, mostly from the German-speaking area, who are the most successful international companies from the financial sector, telecommunications and the aviation industry.

Together with our colleagues from youngculture Romania and our colleagues from the Swiss NMS Engineering group, we create different software solutions while adapting the process of implementation and development of software solutions to the client’s needs: from technical consultations, through project management, system design, to development and testing.

When we say enjoy.ing, we first think of people. Satisfied and motivated. Carefully selected experienced engineers, associated with a passion for what they do. Team players, but also individuals with their specifics that make them an irreplaceable part of the team. Creatives for which a successfully completed project is not the end, but the beginning of a challenge. A challenge of a new project. A project that will lead them to a new area and give them an opportunity to enjoy in what they know the best – engineering.

We give our best to create a working environment in which we will enjoy in everyday work, providing excellent working conditions, training and development opportunities along the way.

We enjoy software engineering. And you?

If you want to join our team, visit https://www.enjoying.rs/open-positions/ or write us at jobs@enjoying.rs.