We are a $2.4billion Silicon Valley Cloud Software Leader. We develop our applications from scratch, sell and implement – all in the cloud. The world is our market! Our clients such as Unify, Lenovo,  Atlas Copco, Paloalto and so on are the world-known and recognized companies.CallidusCloud counts more than 1100 employees and 150 of them work in our development center in Belgrade. Beside Serbia we also have offices in Europe, Asia, America and Australia.

Recently we became a part of  SAP, the oldest and biggest IT company in the world of what we are very proud. Our products entirely complement SAP’s product portfolio and Callidus’s and SAP’s great future together already began.

We are not gonna talk about benefits, because we have them as all other IT companies, even more. We would rather say a few words about how good it is to work in our company. We work with the latest technologies, in a relaxed friendly atmosphere where you will always have someone to make you laugh, back you up, call you for the game of table football, darts or table tennis, in new fancy environmentwhere you will always have someone to step in to help, to give advice, listen to or give another vision, whether it’s about programming, testing, making coffee or going to lunch … because we are team, we are family at work regardless of individual’s job position, in which team or how long ishere.

In our collectivewe have experienced developers, greatsalesman, creative designers, excellent analysts, experienced testers, dedicated HR, but also students, youths, the future.

Our motto is not everything and at any cost. The attitude of our company is that people contribute best when they are satisfied and we are making every effort to make our employees happy.

The number of our clients from all industries is constantly growing and because of that it is always interesting to us, we expect something new and we are always ready for the challenges. Just when we think we have made a superb job with the phenomenal company, appears one more and even better. Therefore, there is a constant need to increase the number of people in our teams and at the same time we are in the process of creating new ones. We are not interested only in experienced professionals but also young talents, and therefore we encourage you to ask about us any current or former employees. We can ensure you that both have a lot of good to tell you about us, our story, our products and our family.

With us, you will be able to have a carrier you cherish at any stage of your life.

We are not an outsourcing company; we develop our own complex applications!

Let’s create together!