HTEC Group represents a set of tech-consulting and R&D companies with more than 250 employees, servicing its clients and partners in various market verticals and niches all over the world. With offices in USA, Scandinavia and Central Europe (Belgrade, Niš, Novi Sad), HTEC Group companies are perfectly positioned and equipped to support demanding clients looking for premium quality technology development partner or service provider.

From 2008. HTEC has been providing R&D and consulting services to industry leaders such as Intel Corp, Qualcomm, IBM, Philips, StenaBulk, SAP and dozens of other venture-backed companies and startups from USA, EU, Africa and Asia. We are proud to be engaged in the development of the highest quality software and hardware products used by millions all over the world. The company is recognized as one of the fastest growing technology companies in Central and Eastern Europe by Deloitte for three consecutive years (2014-2016).

Areas of expertise of our teams cover a full spectrum of IT services, from web and mobile applications to the development of sophisticated signal processing algorithms with DSP and/or FPGA implementation and “from-the-draft” prototype development. Data Science and Artificial Intelligence are key strengths of HTEC, allowing us to deliver customer-centric and data-driven solutions that solve a variety of category, price, personalisation, and customer experience, business management challenges, and more.

Experience in delivering solutions for corporate customers enabled HTEC to perfect its quality assurance methodology, live production support, deployment procedures, security requirements, industry standards, and certification compliance with the quality-first development approach in deployment of enterprise-grade solutions quickly and efficiently. Working in HTEC means an opportunity to be a part of innovative ideas, to master the iterative and agile product development, from MVP to large scalable products designed with the end-user expectations and behavior in mind.