About Us

Infotech Studio d.o.o is a private company established in 2009. in Niš, Serbia. Our main activities are development of systems for monitoring and control of industrial processes, access control systems, queuing management systems, development and production of RFID based systems and software development. Our business is based on custom made devices and complete systems  designed according to client needs  and also distribution of industrial computers and components.  We have small but highly educated team of experts for the development and implementation of complex systems.  With our experience in planning, managing and implementing projects of various purposes we managed to make respectable list of clients. Our major partner from the start is IEI Integration Corp. Taiwan, one of the leading manufacturer of industrial PCs and components. We are their authorized distributor for the territory of the Republic of Serbia and surrounding countries.

We are trying to give our contribution to make the our country  become known for quality experts, products and services.

If you want the same, you are at the right place..



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