About Us

Schneider Electric DMS is a IT company from Novi Sad specializing in research, development and software engineering in the field of power engineering – Smart Grid IT, and in particular in the field of managing distribution systems.

Our principal original product ADMS software (Advanced Distribution Management System) is installed in over 80 electric utilities worldwide, in 170 control centers with 400 million consumers in total.

ADMS software is a technical and information system providing a complete insight in technical data of a distribution network, the analysis of network operation, the application of expert methods for improvement of system operation, as well as management and planning within a distribution system. The basic purpose of ADMS software is to make use of all the available electricity power capacities in power distribution systems by using top-notch expert knowledge in power and software engineering in the most rational way. In doing this, special accent is put on renewable energy resources thus enabling savings in millions and preventing from excessive environmental pollution.

The leading consulting firm Gartner, USA has been nominating ADMS software as the best Smart Grid solution for seven years in a row. This classifies us as one of the most perspective and biggest companies in the field of software solutions development in both our country and the region. In February 2012, the French company Schneider Electric proclaimed Novi Sad as its main competence development center for Smart Grid IT technologies.

At this moment, Schneider Electric DMS is one of the the biggest IT company in Serbia with nearly 1000 high experts working on the development and successful delivery of around 40 new great projects worldwide for clients who use this Serbian product to optimize the operation of their power distribution networks on a daily basis.

With large number of highly qualified young, expert and motivated employees, we strive to provide Smart Grid IT/OT transformation of power systems by using our technology, expertise and experience in the field of power engineering and notably improve the operation of utilities and end users. Our vision is to become the synonym for a company which sets new and higher world IT/OT standards as regards solutions and operation and which not only introduces new habits and trends, but anticipates and creates them.

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