Aleksander Djurka

Vice President for Data @Vestiaire Collective

Sasho is leading the Data efforts of Vestiaire Collective, a rising e-commerce focusing on the C2C luxury fashion segment. The Paris-based Data team is on a mission to rapidly expand the capabilities of the business by implementing best-in-class technologies available in the market. The guiding philosophy is to keep ahead of the curve by being flexible and operating as architects – growing our skills in assembling a capable data platform end to end, rather than spending time in reinventing the wheel or developing dogmatic and entrenched views of specific technologies. In his previous role he was leading a Regional Data Engineering team at Lazada (part of Alibaba group) in Singapore, where he focused on implementing the Alibaba Cloud developed Data Platform in the South-East Asian e-commerce leader. His background is split between technology and business: before his move to Asia he worked as a management consultant at A.T. Kearney in South-East Europe.

TOPIC: Dealing with small problems when they become massive

Every Data developer was asked at some point: “Will it scale?” The question is guaranteed to annoy, confuse, cause an argument and rarely reach a meaningful conclusion. We will explore what is the real value of scalability, how it can be achieved and walk through a few practical examples of how this was already put in practice by a team dealing with one of the largest datasets in the world. In the end, we will together explore what the ideal Data Platform would look like, and answer the “Will it scale?” question with a loud and clear “Yes!”.