We are software development and ICT consulting company, based in Serbia. Since 2006, we have been growing steadily, focusing on quality, client satisfaction and building strong relationships with partners. Our best recommendation is a number of successfully delivered projects, implemented in various industry verticals and a strong reference list of highly relevant clients. Also, we are working on our own product development and are highly passionate about it. Our true need is to take care of our employees, creating a friendly, compassionate and warm environment.

Our Vision is to be internationally recognized as professional and reliable ICT partner and leader in building new technologies.

Our Mission is true dedication to excellence in building better practices and higher business standards in order to ensure advancement of our individuals, the company, its’ partners, our country and the region.

Values that we nurture:

It is crucial for us to connect and bond, to be able to communicate and cooperate honestly and productively.

Trust and faith in what we do and how we do it, make us proud and confident that we are on the right track.

By constantly researching we get to be open-minded and innovative, thus constantly learn and perfect ourselves. The pursuit of knowledge and expertise is the key mover of our employees and the company.

Having fun is a great part of our bonding process, allowing us to be social and happy together, finally liberating our creativity.

Our constant, transparent share of knowledge and experience within our team and the world makes us reliable and trustworthy.

Dedication to professional and business integrity of each employee and our company as a whole makes us committed to delivering the best solutions to our clients, utilizing latest technologies.