About Us


NetSeT is a global provider of information systems for electronic citizen identification, eGovernment solutions and systems for secure communication and data exchange. Founded in 1999, the company is located in Belgrade (Serbia). Since 2017 the company is a member of Veridos Gmbh, a joint venture of Giesecke+Devrient and Bundesdruckerei and a leading German provider of digital identity management solutions.


Our mission is to provide governments with high quality secure eGovernment systems, streamlining their processes and offering the most innovative electronic services to citizens and business. On this quest we will continue to seek for the highest standards in product quality and create new ways in which citizens and business communicate with governments.

Our projects

We have worked on projects in 14 countries. Currently, there is an ongoing project in United Arab Emirates, one innovative project in Serbia a one more project for a country of 160 millions of people.

Key features of software development in NetSeT:

  1. We develop complete products through entire development lifecycle for domestic and foreign clients

  2. We do not outsource, but all the software we develop is in the intellectual property of the company

  3. We work on large systems – citizen data management systems at the level of the entire population of a country, systems for issuing identification documents, as well as on data protection systems and secure communication systems. An example of such a system is the national register of citizens of the country with 40 million people.

  4. The special attention is dedicated not only to functionality of the software but also to the entire development process

  5. The products we develop has quality and technical characteristics as the key sales points

  6. We invest in the professional development of employees – for new colleagues a training course was prepared (from 2 to 6 months)

  7. We apply the Model Driven Approach to software development (generating code from the UML diagram – internally developed Executable UML tools)

We are working on innovative ideas and projects – Our modern approach to eGovernment has been recognized and rewarded by the foreign expert commission of the Innovation Fund.

Member of Veridos Group

NetSeT is a strategic partner of Veridos Gmbh, a joint venture of Giesecke+Devrient (Munich) and Bundesdruckerei (Berlin). Veridos brings together two largest German suppliers of identity documents, forming a network of 72 subsidiaries, joint ventures and associated companies in over 30 countries, and employing over 11,000 people around the world. As a member of this group, Veridos pools their specialist expertise, the many years of experience, and the innovative power required to build a 2+ billion-euro business.

Everything starts with our crew

At NetSeT, we are aware that everything we do starts with our people and that our people are key to our success. Every individual to come to NetSeT team is carefully selected by proficiency in his knowledge and skills, desire to learn and develop professionally, and readiness to share company values and establish strong relations with colleagues.

Apart from recruiting the best possible candidates, to maintain high quality of our products we have designed special onboarding mechanism that includes a full-time training program that lasts for a couple of months. The training program covers the following aspects: technologies that we use, internally developed tools and best practices, and domain knowledge of managing citizen data and data security. During training program, we make sure that new individuals are thought all important aspects of work, and that once they are through with the training program they can easily integrate in project teams and work alongside more experienced colleagues.

Other benefits for our employees:

  1. International work environment and possibility to travel abroad
  2. Opportunity to learn from experienced colleagues
  3. Sponsored foreign language lessons
  4. Annual medical examinations
  5. Meals in the company
  6. Work-life balances
  7. Team building (rafting, skiing), socializing
  8. A brand new, ergonomically equipped and modern office space
Work atmosphere