About Us

Zagreb Time Travel is the first digital interactive tour of Zagreb that works as a time machine. This tour lets you travel back in time by using tablet and wandering around the city. New virtual and augmented reality technologies used in this app make city sightseeing much more fun and interesting. Your guides are famous women from the history of Zagreb (Manda, Ms. Senoa, Barica, Barica Cindek’s witch, Marija Jurić Zagorka, literary character Dora Krupićeva, Black Queen, etc.).

At each location you visit you can hear interesting stories, get a task done, play a game and read some interesting facts about Zagreb, and this way you collect points. You can also take memorable photos by choosing one of the special effects this app offers. Expect unexpected adventures during your journey with Zagreb Time Travel such as historical characters emerging from different places, flying witches you have to catch and so on. If this still hasn’t motivated you to try Zagreb Time travel there’s one more benefit to it – partner locations (museums, restaurants etc.) that offer you discounts so you can literally return the investment you made at the first place.

For now you can rent your own Zagreb Time Travel tablet at any time with a mandatory prior reservation at or +385 98 48 55 60 or our page. We wish you a pleasant time travel with your own time machine!

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