We are a US based company, headquartered in San Francisco with a development center (Pamet d.o.o.) in Belgrade, Sava Center. With more than 300 health tech solutions delivered over the past 17 years our deep expertise in software development allows us to provide one of the best products in the healthcare industry. So from storing code on floppy disks to now the cloud we have witnessed the rise of the tech revolution both in the US and in Serbia.

Being present in the tech space as a company for the past 2 decades we understood one of the main features we need to obtain is the ability to grow. Growth can be in terms of skills, number of people, number of projects, clients – but most importantly making an environment where people can grow. In order to help our people grow at their own pace we created a customizable career path. Career path represents an agreement between a person and his mentor to define the skills, position, responsibilities and pace by which a person wants to grow both personally and in the company. Another feature we recognized as important for longevity in the industry is sharing the same values.

Our workplace values have set the tone for our company culture and defined the experience our clients have while working with our team.

1. Client’s successWe take action with the client’s success in mind

Helping the client identify what they really need, even beyond their initial concept. We apply a proactive approach when designing, building and implementing each solution.

2. Pride of craftsmanshipWe create magic, by crafting solutions we take pride in

By taking pride in what we do, we create high-quality solutions with great attention to detail and deliver on time and on budget.

3. FlexibilityEmbrace the change

We ascribe huge value to flexibility because we understand our clients and the fact that change can become a daily constant. We live in an uncertain world but by being flexible we bring certainty to our clients.

4. Thirst for knowledgeWhat we do is what we are

All of us, both individually and as a team, are driven by a strong internal desire to learn. Pursuing new skills and expanding the depth of our expertise daily is ultimately what makes us tick.

5. Open communication (Team spirit) – Speak up, be heard, respect and be respected

A key to our success is open communication and discussion between everyone in the company, regardless of position, tenure, or degree of professional experience, but always with a strong focus on ethics, diligence, mutual respect, trust, and personal integrity.

6. SatisfactionOffice sweet office

The work we do needs to be meaningful and fulfilling so it can create a clear sense of purpose and positive experience inside a productive and friendly environment.

If these values strike a chord with you, and you would like to grow with us reach out to Ema via

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