With more than 300 health tech solutions delivered over the past 15+ years our deep expertise in software development and Digital Health enables us to provide one of the best ROIs in the US health tech industry.

We have a set of Values we Love and Live and rarely will you find a member of our team that finds it hard to identify with them. Equally so, each one of these values means something different to every one of us. Our values are: Solve Problems – Share Your Knowledge – Make Client Succeed. We do our individual best to build the highest quality solution we know. We put the success of the team in front of our personal goal.

When you become our employee, you enroll in our Career Path program which represents a clear long-term vision of a personalized employee development process. It offers more than 50 carefully selected core and domain tech skills, which are included in the career path based on the employee’s current level of knowledge and personal inclination towards a specific area of expertise.

We offer a wide range of employee benefits tailored by the needs of our employees (and of course the budget) and as we grow the benefits grow.  For more information regarding our benefits, internal events, team buildings check out our talent deck. Follow this link for getting us known better: bit.ly/TalentDeckVicert

We plan to grow even more until the end of this year, and now we are looking for five new colleagues – however,  if you do not see a position that suits your profile send us your application and we will have you in consideration as new positions become available.

WEBSITE:  career: https://vicert.bamboohr.com/jobs/ ; global: https://vicert.com/