About Us

We are Ubisoft Belgrade and our story begins 3 years ago, in November 2016, when we decided to come to Serbia and open our first studio. At first it was a start-up story, 10 of us, programmers, passionate gamers, in the little apartment in Belgrade. As time went by and as HQ gained trust in our capabilities, the team grew and we moved from one location to another as we needed more space. Now our team has around 140 people, among which are not only Programmers but also Level and UI Artists, Level and Game Designers and Development Testers. Due to this, we found a new and long-term location, where we will be able to stay for the next few years, grow further and work on more and more interesting projects. Now you can find us in Balkanska 44, where we, in a 6-floor industrial style building, created everything we need. Three big terraces on the rooftop for soaking in the sun, game corners with various consoles, table football and tennis and private gym which we use when we want to get our muscles moving after hours of sitting in front of the PC.

In this studio, our team works on 3 big titles – Ghost Recon, Steep and Rainbow Six: Quarantine. Each of these projects is very big and that is why between 200 and 500 members of production from various Ubisoft studios work on their creation, which gives us an opportunity to collaborate with international gaming studios and broaden our expertize. On Ghost Recon and Steep, in collaboration with other studios, we work on development of both console and PC versions of the game, while on Steep we are even the lead site for whole PC adaptation! When it comes to Rainbow Six, at this moment we contribute mostly on the artistic side of the whole story. Of course, this is only the beginning. As our team is consisted of young, enthusiastic people hungry for knowledge, we constantly try to grow and broaden our expertise with the goal of bringing even more interesting projects and mandates to Belgrade.

It is really great to start your work day knowing that you will spend it together with friends creating something that will be played by millions of gamers worldwide, and of course ourselves as well! In our opinion that is exactly what makes us different from other IT companies – great passion for what we do as well as a relaxed and friendly atmosphere in which we work together on reaching our goal. If this looks like something you would like to be a part of too, ping us, we are always up for greeting new people in our team.

Until then GG everyone!

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