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About Us

Luxoft, a DXC Technology Company, is a digital strategy and software engineering company providing bespoke technology solutions that drive business change.

Luxoft operates globaly in 44+ cities and 29 countries with an international, agile workforce of 18,000+ people. It combines a unique blend of engineering excellence and deep industry expertise, helping 420+ global clients innovate in the areas of automotive, financial services, travel and hospitality, healthcare, life sciences, media and telecommunications.

As one of the key locations for the company, Luxoft Serbia participates in a range of global projects for the world’s largest brands. Our services enable companies to optimize their workflows, provide reliable support to existing algorithms, and make new innovative products. We empower our clients with deep domain knowledge and smart solutions as we develop the software of the future across diverse areas of everyday life.

Tools and Technologies

QA Automation

Manual testing

Company culture and values

Our focus is on our people, customers and communities. We’re committed to sustainable and responsible business practices to provide better technology solutions for our clients. Taking care of the environment, ensuring the health and safety of our employees and their family members, and creating an inclusive, ethical workplace where diversity matters are our priorities.

Employee benefits

      1. Unlimited opportunities for professional and personal growth

The company provides everything necessary for the continuous personal and professional development of its employees. Learning Management and Development (LMD) is a competence development center for Luxofters, which provides multiple educational courses, webinars and trainings for the development of both hard and soft skills. Employees can also unlock their potential as public speakers or mentors.

      2. Global Relocation    

  • Relocation opportunities all over the world 
  • Working in an international environment 
  • Multicultural experience and communication

      3. Internal Mobility

  • Moving between projects, clients and company locations 
  • New career opportunities

      4. Work from Anywhere   

The possibility to work without being tied to an office, from anywhere within one's country.

      5. Upskilling    

  • Personalized professional development program 
  • Upskilling is based on an individual’s career development plan, focused upgrading of missing skills and constant support from a mentor

      6. Luxoft Training Center    

  • Lots of courses for self-development 
  • Over 1,200 professional training courses on various topics 
  • Partner programs with Google, Microsoft and Amazon

      7. Educational Programs for Current and Future Managers    

  • Leadership Academy 
  • University of Personnel Management

      8. BRIDGE Mentorship Program     

  • Professional and career development program for leaders

      9. English Language Lessons

  • Learning online at a convenient time 
  • Teaching quality control 
  • Corporate discounts at Skyeng

      10. Library for Self-Education    

  • Access to electronic library 
  • 24/7 access from any device 
  • Free access to international self-education platforms

      11. Recognition & Evaluation     

  • Feedback culture 
  • Annual performance evaluation 
  • SMART goal setting practice

      12. Thomas DISC Assessment
      A tool that helps determine the workplace behaviors of employees: 

  • Individual DISC Profile 
  • DISC Position Profile
  • Team Assessment

      13. Chapters & Workplace

  • Chapters are platforms for collaborative work, training and communication of employees in different specializations. Luxoft's professional communities make for a productive working environment, help to devise smart career development plans and find a team for joint endeavors. 
  • Workplace is corporate social network. See you there!


     1. Automotive

Luxoft’s automotive line of business, which has been working since 2005 for some of the global leaders of the industry, brings the future closer: from oil engines to electric ones, from manual control to fully autonomous cars connected to the IT infrastructure.

     2. Banking and Capital Markets

Luxoft’s financial line of business implements bespoke software projects for the largest local and international banking, insurance and investment companies. The solutions offered by our team transform businesses by providing remote management of financial assets, reducing the cost of using the developed solutions and increasing the financial effect of their implementation.

     3. Cross-Industry Solutions

  • Oil and gas
  • Retail and logistics
  • Health care
  • Mass media and communications
  • Information solutions for the general public

Our customers are the world’s largest logistics companies, local and international retailers in the fields of home appliances and construction, developers of systems for monitoring and analyzing social media.

Work atmosphere