ITkonekt Code of Conduct

We are a community committed to serving the IT industry by creating opportunities for the people and companies of this industry to meet and interact in the safe, creative and growth-oriented environments. Our aim is to educate, network, encourage new ideas and projects, as well as help the development of the whole IT scene and IT community in Serbia.

At our events, we welcome people from countries all over the world and we do our best to make them feel at home – that is the way we would like everyone who’s a part of an ITkonekt event to feel. 

Our team consists of creative individuals who think outside the box, and we strive to spread the spirit of understanding and open-mindedness in lieu of prejudice and discrimination. 

That is exactly why we will not tolerate violence in any shape or form, nor discrimination on any grounds – gender, age, sexual orientation, race, nationality, religion, physical or mental disability, or any other! This applies to any and all segments of any of our events, and every single individual who breaks this code of conduct can and will be expelled from the event!

This code applies to the sponsors too, along with the rest of the participants. This concerns verbal communication and the promotional material displayed at the events or published on social media.

We kindly ask anyone who falls victim to any kind of maltreatment at our events to immediately contact the nearest member of our team at an offline event or to contact us via email or social media. At the events, our team members will be wearing t-shirts with the ITkonekt logo.

We stand for mutual understanding and tolerance. We stand for helping those who are learning and developing. We stand for giving people new chances in life. We stand for partnership and trust. We call everyone here to do the same, so that the IT community grows even richer with love and kindness.