IT Week – Let’s show everyone how powerful of an IT country Serbia is

Did you know that one IT company from Belgrade employed more than a hundred programmers in just a year? Did you know that a Serbian IT company in Novi Sad that had a start-up capital of 100 (one hundred) dinars, now has 50 employees? Did you know that Serbian programmers made a platform for insurance that is now used by millions of Swiss citizens? Did you know that Serbian programmers work on software used for smart glasses of NASA astronauts and they also take part in projects on a daily basis that set new limits and reshape the world?

ITkonekt will display these awesome achievements in IT during the IT Week in 3 major IT hubs of Serbia where we will gather IT community – Belgrade (April 14-15), Niš (April 17) and Novi Sad (April 20-21). In all three of the cities there will be visiting foreign lecturers from all around the globe who are coming to share their experiences and knowledge about the newest trends in IT with Serbian programmers in these three cities.

The event in all three cities is free with REGISTRATION, while the conference segment isn’t.

This way we want to show the size and significance of Serbian IT scene, which is also made of local communities. Quality IT experts exist all across Serbia and we will gather them this year in three major IT centers of Serbia – Belgrade, Novi Sad and Niš.

What’s in store for us in Belgrade?

On April 14 and 15, ITkonekt is holding an IT job fair in Metropol hotel for all of those who wish to see the innovative things that our best IT companies do and maybe find the right job for themselves. At the same time, there will be an IT conference that will host lecturers who took part on big international IT conferences that will share their experience acquired in PayPal, Microsoft, Google, IBM, etc. Besides the entertaining content, gaming, innovations, visitors will have a chance to hear IT Stories – fun stories of IT folks who live unorthodox lives.

Novi Sad – April 20, 21

On April 20 and 21, at Master center in Novi Sad, Novi Sad IT scene will be gathered. Visitors will have a chance to meet some of the most desirable IT employers in Novi Sad as well as to exchange ideas and experiences with other IT folks. Besides the entertaining content, there will be a conference packed with quality lectures given by foreign experts on the contemporary IT topics.

Niš – April 17

IT experts from Niš and surrounding area will gather on April 17 in Oficirski dom, where they will meet Niš IT companies but also listen to IT lecturers coming from various parts of US and Europe. Besides acquiring new knowledge, they will have a chance to make new acquaintances, do some networking and have some fun along with new experiences.

Some of the companies that will appear at ITkonekt are Endava, 3ap, Quantox, Saga, Symphony, Prodyna, Adecco Information Technology, Fincore, Telesign, etc.

All three events are free with REGISTRATION, while the conference segment isn’t.

ITkonekt is a growing regional community that gathers over 90 IT companies, 8000 IT experts and dozens of IT organizations, indie gaming studios, educational institutions…