Gerald Venzl

Master Product Manager @Oracle
Gerald Venzl is senior principal product manager for Oracle server technologies. He started his career in IT during the dot-com era as a PL/SQL developer using Oracle 8.1.5. Soon after, Gerald specialized in Oracle Database performance tuning before he evolved his role to performance tuning in general, mainly working on the J2EE and Oracle Database stack. Gerald has worked in Austria, New York City, and London; he has since moved to Oracle’s Silicon Valley headquarters. There he joined the product management team for Oracle Database and server technologies.

TOPIC: Top 10 SQL Performance Tips & Tricks for Java Developers

Your database is slow and you don't know why. Your application is fast, yet the database is always the bottleneck. Sounds familiar? What if you could boost your database and get the best performance out of your SQL execution time with just changing a few lines of code? In this session you will learn how, with top 10 common tips and tricks that will help you speed up your database. You will learn why doing things in a certain way makes your database go much faster and you will take away common pitfalls that you should look out for in your code base. Even if you are already seasoned in SQL and SQL Tuning, the session will be a good refresher.