Saša Škevin

CIO & Co-founder @Photomath

Sasa Skevin is Co-Founder and CIO of Photomath, the world’s most used math education app with over 100 million learners globally. Sasa also co-founded Microblink, a cutting-edge R&D company developing proprietary computer vision technology for real-time processing on mobile devices. He is a developer and self-proclaimed geek interested in mobile-first technologies, start-ups, telecom, banking, educational ecosystems and TODO checklists. Sasa holds a BS in Computer Science from the University of Zagreb, Croatia.

TOPIC: The backend side of a mobile app company

Hear a story about a web development team’s journey in an app-first world. A story about data, scaling, iterating, making mistakes and learning. About how to grow and position a web team, which challenges to accept, which opportunities to ignore and how a Java developer on Debian can speak the same language as a C++17 on Arch Linux.