Haris Zenović

Front-End Developer @Seavus
After graduation in Skopje started working for start-up company as well as Trainer on SEDC academy for Web Developers where holding multiple classes for Front-End web development, before moving to Seavus Belgrade offices, spend one year working as Full Stack in Microsoft environment, enterprice experience with C#, PHP and (true love) javascript.
Worked with multiple enterprice/progresive web application with various technology stack ranking from C#, Java and PHP. Sentimental relationship with JS started from the first line of code through many Vanila application all the way to different modern frameworks such as: Vue, Angular, AngularJS, Knockout etc. Besides doing JS for leaving, teaching is whole other experience, by being part of SEDC Trainers got a chance to pass my Front-End knowledge to other and new programmers.

TOPIC: Thread your JS - Treat your JS

Motivation behind this topic is masive hardware improvments which allow us to move most of the logic on front-end, knowing that JS is single threaded, this topic draws attention by showcasing examples of how to run JS with "multiple threads", explaning the logic behind v8 engine and giving usecases where this feature can be useful.