Adria Perez-Rovira

Adria Perez-Rovira

Data Scientist @ Daon

Adria is a former medical image specialist who developed machine learning solutions to automatically extract information from medical images (CTs, MRI, retinal scans, etc.) in order to better diagnose and quantify disease progression. Now, as a behavioral biometric researcher in Daon, he is part of a team of researchers who use the latest machine learning tools to figure out what makes you unique in order to develop novel biometric authentication methods that will make authentication more secure and less cumbersome.

TOPIC: “Using machine learning with biometrics to replace passwords”

For years, if not decades, we have been hearing that biometrics will replace passwords. That we will no longer need to remember complicated combinations of lower case, upper case, and numerical characters in order to access our phone, our bank app, our car, or even our house.  And while many of us do use biometric authentication every day (fingerprint readers on the phones, face recognition in borders, etc.) how come passwords have not shown much sign to disappear yet?

In this talk I will explain how the use of large datasets and recent machine learning advances are doing giant leaps towards a (nearly) password free world, but I will also point the limitations and challenges that the industry needs to face before that goal is achieved.