Håkon Wium Lie

Creator of CSS, CTO at Opera Software, Norway
Håkon came to Opera from W3C, where he was responsible for style sheets. In 1994 he invented a small language called Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). CSS describes how web pages are presented — on screens, in print, or read out loud. You can read about it in a book “Cascading Style Sheets: Designing for the Web” he co-authored with Bert Bos. The book is written in HTML and CSS. Håkon is a graduate of the MIT Media Lab where he was part of Walter Bender’s Electronic Publishing Group.

TOPIC: Growing up of CSS
Hakon will talk about CSS, how it was started, the early days of the web at CERN, the development of HTML, why we should use HTML and CSS both for screen and print. In second part of his talk he will talk about what is new in CSS, new technics in CSS3, like dynamic styles and etc, CSS GRID, what is the future of CSS.