We’re the only culture-driven technology house.

We crack the toughest challenges in tech by inspiring engineers to do their life’s work. For nearly 10 years, we’ve been focused on building thriving teams of engineers that empower global entrepreneurs to make their vision real. From San Francisco, Sarajevo and Belgrade, we build cutting edge software for teams at Highfive, ODG, Epinomics, Endless, Human DX, d.light, Motiv Ring and more.

We want to solve the biggest technology challenges in the world by unlocking the best talent globally. Our vision is to build the workforce of the future, where borders, geography and citizenship don’t stop the best engineers globally from delivering world class work that matters.

We’re leading innovation in technology by growing a community, not just a company, of long-term, dedicated teams working with the world’s top entrepreneurs.

  • We hire only super-smart, open and passionate engineers full-time and invest in their growth;
  • We partner with only super-smart, open and like-minded entrepreneurs and businesses working on cutting edge technology challenges;
  • We are laser-focused on building a fulfilling culture and the dynamic, global workspaces where passionate teams can thrive.