About Us

TNation is a well-established domestic company with high ambitions, which has gained the trust of its employees, clients, and associates. We are developing software for the leading companies from North America and Western Europe.

TNation is made up of young and promising people who, along with experienced seniors, add exceptional value to our company. Over 140 people create a pleasant and motivating work atmosphere every day.

We are focused on services and technologies that will enable clients to compete against others and accelerate their success. The platforms we work with are Web, Desktop, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and technologies: Java, C #, .Net, JavaScript, PHP, Ruby on Rails, Objective C, Typo 3, Magento, Word Press.We are implementing projects from the field of the auto industry, banking, finance, logistics, healthcare, distribution, manufacturing, procurement, and other industries.

We foster team spirit and a friendly atmosphere. We encourage constant professional development, we offer the opportunity to obtain certificates and take part in expert training and instruction.

TNationAcademy is an important part of our growth and self-development. The Academy organizes lectures, courses and workshops on the premises. Basic and advanced courses in various popular technologies (C #, Java, JavaScript, Angular, PHP, Quality Assurance) gather more than 100 participants every year. The lecturers are our senior developers and external associates – experts.

The great benefit for our employees is particularly the possibility of free course attendance, as well as the selection of topics for internal workshops, in accordance with their interests and further professional development.

We tend to care for each employee and address their professional and personal needs. We work eight hours, not counting overtime, but we still have time for leisure and entertainment – we often compete against each other in the gaming room, football and various team building activities.

The dominant characteristic of our employees is the commitment to the same goal. We are all part of the TNation family and we look after each other.

Work atmosphere