Online ITkonekt

Not long before the ITkonekt event in 2016, we had organized a regional online event: Online ITkonekt. This event took place on a specially adjusted virtual platform, where the visitors could walk through four virtual floors: IT Job Fair floor, Gaming floor, Edu floor and Start-up floor…

On the Job fair floor, visitors had the opportunity to take a virtual tour through the best IT companies in the region and see the job opportunities they were offering and what it looked like working for those companies. Gaming floor offered visitors a chance to try out new games and have some fun while the Start-up floor provided the opportunity for them to introduce themselves to new ideas and projects in the IT industry as well as to make new acquaintances.

EDU floor presented the educational institutions and IT organizations. Besides these four floors, visitors also had the opportunity to glance into a virtual hall and attend an online conference, where there were the IT experts who tuned in live from all around the globe. These experts came from companies such as IBM and Linkedin, and there were also very useful lectures provided by the experts from the local IT scene.