Women Empowerment in IT

Even though many still see programming as a ‘man’s craft’, there is a significant number of women who are quite successful in this profession. Women can be great IT experts too and that’s why we want to help and point as many women as we can towards a career in IT. Considering that this industry offers more and more jobs, if more women were to choose IT as their career, the unemployment rate in our country would decrease.

This empowerment project has been executed through a number of activities:

Start TelAviv – a competition for female entrepreneurs in collaboration with the Embassy of Israel

ITkonekt, with the collaboration of the Embassy of Israel in Serbia, organized the Start TelAviv competition for start-ups that had been founded by women. Winners had the opportunity to visit the DLD festival free of charge. This festival is the biggest international festival of innovations in Israel. This was a unique opportunity for them to meet leaders of the Israeli entrepreneurship, business investors and representatives of technological incubators and hence gain valuable experience for the development of their own business and find potential investors.

ITkonekt blog category – Women of IT

Within our project: ITkonekt blog, we have started a category Women of IT where we try to present positive and inspiring examples of women working in the IT industry.

Read some of our stories HERE.

Participation in events that promote women activism and entrepreneurship

Considering that founders of ITkonekt are two women, better known as two Milicas, we are trying to present the positive story of ITkonekt at as many events dedicated to women as possible in order to share this example of a positive start-up as a motivation booster. In addition to many other events, we attended and spoke at an event organized by Microsoft: Women IT stories.

Raising awareness about the women of IT through ITkonekt channels and media

In order to promote the IT industry as a desirable job opportunity for women, we’ve been using both the channels of ITkonekt and our community, since 2015, as well as the media who support us and with whom we collaborate.

IT Stories

Within the IT Stories project, we have presented some positive examples of women who are not only good at their programming jobs, but they also do various interesting things outside of the office. Some of them are even champions in kick-box.

Read more about this here.